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Your Special Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important events you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing. On a day like this, you will need everything as perfect as possible, including the music that affects the ambiance, mood, and feeling of the entire wedding from the bride and groom, to the guests.

Refined Events  provides trained and experienced professional DJs and Sound Engineers to provide  Ceremonial Services  that will match the scope of your wedding.

Professional Services

Refined Events  provides top notch professional services to build the moments and memories during your wedding ceremony. We create complete musical coverage from the wedding’s prelude to the recessional. We'll begin the walk-in music 30 minutes prior to ceremony along with providing a wireless microphone.

You  Have All Available Music Options With...

Your Custom Playlist

We work with You to create a  custom playlist   of music which you feel is best suited to  Your Wedding and Your Guests. You have options for a library of over  2 million songs  available to match  any  ambiance, mood, or theme. At  Refined Events, we work with you in advance of your wedding to pinpoint exactly what songs  You  need to play. 

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Refined Events  works to ensure smooth and efficient services to ease up on the stress of  Your Special Day. We'll make it easy as possible to contact us, then set up your playlist along with helping fulfill any of your other musical, emcee, lighting, or coordination needs. We are present on several social media sites like  PinterestFacebookInstagram , and  Twitter.

Some Pictures on our website are provided courtesy of  Alex Guy Photography,   Kathy Davies Photography,   Oden & Janelle Photography. See our  prefered vendors  list for links to thier websites.

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